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NITRO AUTO LEASING AND SALES Is A Leading Online Destination That Assists Los Angeles-Area Car Buyers In Locating The Best Car Deals. They Offer Exceptionally Competitive Deals On Purchasing And Leasing Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, And Other Popular Brands.

We Were Contacted By Nitro Auto Leasing And Sales About Our Social Media Marketing Services. They Desired To Establish A Social Media Presence In Order To Generate Leads Through SMO.

Besides This, They Had The Subsequent Requirements:

  • Enhanced Brand Recognition And Visibility On Facebook And Instagram
  • Developing A Devoted Community By Increasing The Number Of Page Likes And Followers
  • Higher Content Engagement
  • Their Website Has Increased Social Traffic With A High Conversation Rate.


  • Since The Client’s Company Is New, It Has No Brand Recognition.
  • His Website Was Also New And Lacked A Social Media Presence.
  • The Client’s Niche (Automobile Business) Was Extremely Competitive, Necessitating A Niche-Specific SMM Strategy To Surpass The Competition.
  • The Client Had High Expectations And Desired Immediate And Lasting Results


  • We Began With A Comprehensive Analysis Of Our Client’s Market Competitors. We Analysed Their Social Media Strategies And User Engagements In Depth And Developed An Effective Social Media Campaign For Our Client.
  • We Then Created Appealing Social Media Profiles On Facebook And Instagram For Nitro Auto Leasing And Sales, Complete With Profile And Cover Images. In The “About Us” Section, We Also Included An Exhaustive Description Of Our Client And His Services.
  • We Regularly Added Relevant Blog Posts And Videos To Increase Customer Engagement With Our Client’s Brand.
  • As The Client’s Brand Awareness Was Nonexistent, We Chose The Following Facebook Advertisements:

Increased Page Posts:

  • We Increased The Reach Of Our Posts By Boosting Them.
  • Even Though Boosted Posts Were Displayed In The News Feeds Of People Who Liked Our Business Page,
    If They Liked And Commented On The Boosted Post, It Was Also Displayed In Their Friends’ News Feeds (Even The Ones Not Following Our Page). This Allowed Us To Reach New Audiences.

Page Like Ads:

  • These Advertisements Were Created Primarily To Increase Facebook Page Likes.
  • They Were Displayed To The Friends Of People Who Already Liked Our Page, Resulting In Their Liking It As Well. The Page Like Ads Contained A “Like Page” Call-To-Action Button That, When Clicked, Allowed People To Directly Like Our Page (Without Even Navigating To Our Page).
  • In This Manner, We Quickly Gained New Followers And Dynamically Engaged Them In Future Posts.

Make Claims:

  • With Offer Claim Advertisements, We Were Able To Attract Our Audience’s Attention To The Most Recent Offers And Discount Codes.
  • If A User Claimed Our Offer, It Would Appear In His News Feed. Thus, His Friends Were Also Able To See That He Requested A Deal From Us. This Served As A Free Word-Of-Mouth Promotion For Nitro, Attracting Additional Customers.

Local Advertising:

  • These Advertisements Helped Us Reach People Near The Store Location Of Our Client. This Ad Type Featured “Call Now” And “Send Message” CTAs To Make It Easy For People To Contact Our Client. This Helped Us Build Brand Recognition And Attract Clients From Los Angeles And Surrounding Areas.


Our SMO Strategy Paid Off Well, Despite The Fact That It Took A Few Months To Target Our Audience And Gain Traction. With The Right Ad Copy And Images, Our Client’s Facebook Ads Were Successful.

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Get the rest of the Case Study Today