Odin Marie takes pride in offering only the finest Premium Fragrances. This brand is relatively new to the market, but it has received widespread praise for its reasonable prices and vast options. To increase awareness of their company, Odin Marie contracted the SMM services of Offshore Marketers.

  • Odin Marie was founded in the year (2021). Because of how recently it had emerged, few individuals had encountered it before. Luxury perfumes sell like hotcakes on the internet, but only a select few brands have made a name for themselves.
  • Due to the site’s novelty, there was a wide range in volume of chatter about it across various social media platforms.
  • It was difficult at first to increase traffic to your social media pages and transform that traffic into leads.
  • Worried that their brand wasn’t getting the attention it deserved, they waited expectantly for leads.
  • A client’s online perfume store needs a social media strategy to compete.
  • The main obstacle was the client’s anticipated increase in page likes and demographic variety of page followers.
  • A method of engaging with pre-existing content became needed due to the slow pace at which fresh additions were being made.
  • To increase the client’s exposure to the target audience and establish the client as a reliable brand, we worked to improve the client’s Instagram and Facebook profiles by increasing interaction and the frequency of posts.
  • Our team spread the word about the campaign by consistently posting engaging content and utilising appropriate hashtags.
  • On the whole, online retailers might use some assistance in creating strategies to draw in and retain customers. In-depth analysis was performed to identify the best hashtags to ensure consistency and compatibility across all of the firm’s posts and goods.
  • We set out to attract more people to our social media profiles by regularly posting engaging material and investing in promotional efforts.
  • Our goal was to increase the target market’s awareness of the client’s brand, so we set out to create engaging profiles for the company across numerous social media channels, with Instagram as our jumping-off point.

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How We Help Our Clients Grow

How We Help Our Clients Grow

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