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RESONATE Is A New European E-Commerce Website For Purchasing Custom-Tailored Versions Of The Most Recent Fashions And Designs. Despite Being New To The Market, This Brand’s Reasonably Priced, High-Quality Fabrics Are Renowned. When Resonate Contacted Offshore Marketers For Social Media Marketing Services, They Desired To Broaden Their Audience By Implementing Our SMO Strategies.

The Challenge:

  • In 2021, Resonate Was Founded. Due To Its Youth, It Lacked Brand Recognition. On The Vast E-Commerce Fashion Market, There Were Only A Few Brands.
  • Due To The Website’s Youth, Its Social Media Presence Was Either Minimal Or Nonexistent.
  • It Was Initially Challenging To Increase Social Traffic And Convert It Into Leads.
  • The Client Was Impatient For Leads And Constantly Concerned With The Visibility Of The Brand.
  • Fashion E-Commerce Is A Highly Competitive Market Segment, And The Client Required An Effective Social Media Strategy To Increase Brand Awareness.
  • The Client Anticipated A Fluctuating Number Of Page Likes And A Wide Variety Of Followers In A Short Period Of Time, Which Was Quite Challenging.
  • A Content Engagement Strategy Was Necessary Due To The Lack Of Regular Content Updates.

The Solution:

  • To Increase The Client’s Visibility As An Authoritative Business Among The Target Audience, We Began By Optimising The Client’s Instagram And Facebook Accounts By Increasing Engagement And The Frequency Of Posts.
  • Our Team Promoted The Campaign On Social Media With Consistent, Engaging Posts That Included The Proper Hashtags.
  • The Client Required A Method For Gaining Organic Followers In A Competitive Niche, Such As E-Commerce For Men’s Clothing. To Ensure Consistency And Compatibility With The Organization’s Posts And Products, Extensive Research Was Conducted To Identify The Most Appropriate Hashtags.
  • We Created A Persuasive Social Media Campaign To Increase The Number Of Organic Followers By Posting Frequently Engaging Content And Boosting The Posts To Increase Their Reach.
  • We Created Engaging Social Media Profiles For The Client, Beginning With A New Instagram Account, To Increase Brand Recognition Among The Target Audience.

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Get the rest of the Case Study Today