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TRENDSETTERS Is One Of The Most Popular E-Commerce Websites In Australia For Purchasing The Newest Global Fashion Trends. Despite Being New To The Market, It Is Well-Known For Its Affordable, High-Quality Products. When Trendsetters Contacted Offshore Marketers For Social Media Marketing Services, They Desired To Utilize Our SMO Strategies To Generate More Qualified Leads.


  • In 2019, Trendsetters Was Founded. As A Relatively New Company, It Lacked Brand Recognition. In The Large-Scale Fashion E-Commerce Market, Only A Few Brands Had A Presence.
  • As The Website Was New, Its Social Media Presence Was Negligible Or Nonexistent.
  • Initially, Generating More Social Traffic And Converting It Into Leads Was Arduous Work.
  • The Client Was Impatient For Results In The Form Of Leads And Constantly Concerned About The Brand’s Visibility.
  • Fashion E-Commerce Is A Highly Competitive Market Segment, And The Client Required A Robust Social Media Strategy To Increase Brand Awareness.
  • The Client Anticipated A Fluctuating Number Of Page Likes And A Wide Variety Of Followers In A Short Period Of Time, Which Was Quite Difficult.
  • As There Were No Regular Postings, An Effective Content Engagement Strategy Was Essential.


  • We Began By Optimizing The Client’s Facebook Page By Adding Appealing Cover And Profile Images In Order To Increase The Client’s Visibility As An Authoritative Business Among The Target Audience.
  • Our Team Promoted The Campaign With Consistent And Compelling Social Media Posts That Included Relevant Hashtags.
  • Being In A Competitive Niche, Such As E-Commerce For Women’s Clothing, The Client Required A Strategic Method For Gaining Organic Followers. To Ensure Consistency And Compatibility With The Business’s Posts And Products, Extensive Research Was Conducted To Determine The Appropriate Hashtags.
  • We Created An Enticing Social Media Campaign To Increase The Number Of Organic Followers By Posting Frequently Engaging Content And Boosting The Posts To Increase Their Reach.
  • Carousels And Run Advertisements Were Provided To Strengthen The Campaign. This Enabled Us To Reach A Larger Audience, Thereby Increasing Our Page Followers.
  • We Created Engaging Social Media Profiles For The Client, Beginning With A New Instagram Account To Increase Brand Recognition Among The Target Audience.


  • We Laboured For Months To Cover Our Audience, But Once We Gained Momentum, Our Strategy Paid Off Extraordinarily Well. Our Client Now Has A Considerable Number Of Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram Followers Due To The Success Of Our Social Media Strategies.
  • Throughout These Months, Our Posts And Videos Have Been Praised For Their High User Engagement, Resulting In Increased Website Traffic For Our Client.

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Get the rest of the Case Study Today