Evolved Office SEO Optimization

Project Overview

F45 Mulgrave, a prominent fitness center, was looking to expand its online reach and increase memberships. While their organic online presence was stable, they needed a more immediate and targeted approach to reach potential customers. They turned to PPC advertising to achieve these goals.

The Results We Delivered

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Increase in Ad Visibility
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Increase in Click-Through Rate
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Increase in Local Engagement

The Solution

F45 Mulgrave partnered with Offshore Marketers for a 1.2-year tenure to develop and execute a comprehensive PPC strategy. The collaboration focused on:
1. Keyword Targeting
  • Goal: Increase ad visibility by 70%.
  • Strategy: Research and select high-performing keywords specific to the fitness industry.
  • Result: Achieved a 70% increase in ad visibility.
  • 2. Ad Creation & Optimization
  • Goal: Enhance click-through rate (CTR) by 40%.
  • Strategy: Design engaging ad copies with compelling calls to action, and optimize landing pages.
  • Result: 40% increase in CTR.
  • 3. Geo-Targeting
  • Goal: Boost local engagement by 50%.
  • Strategy: Target ads to specific geographic locations where potential customers reside.
  • Result: 50% increase in local engagement.
4. Remarketing
  • Goal: Improve conversion rate from returning visitors by 30%.
  • Strategy: Implement remarketing campaigns to re-engage previous visitors.
  • Result: 30% increase in conversions from returning visitors.
  • 5. Budget Management
  • Goal: Maximize ROI by 25%.
  • Strategy: Continuous
  • monitoring and adjustment of ad spend to ensure optimal performance.
  • Result: 25% improvement in ROI.

The Results

    • 70% Increase in Ad Visibility: Through targeted keyword selection.
    • 40% Increase in Click-Through Rate: With engaging ad creation and optimization.
    • 50% Increase in Local Engagement: Through geo-targeting.
    • 30% Increase in Conversions from Returning Visitors: With effective remarketing.
    • 25% Improvement in ROI: Through strategic budget management.


F45 Mulgrave’s collaboration with Offshore Marketers in PPC advertising is a shining example of how targeted online advertising can lead to substantial growth. In just 1.2 years, they achieved remarkable success in all targeted areas, turning their online advertising from good to great. This case stands as a testament to the effectiveness of a well-planned and executed PPC strategy.