Global Tech Solutions

Project Overview

Background Global Tech Solutions, a leading software development and IT services company, approached Offshore Marketers with the aim of enhancing their online presence, reducing their marketing spend, and increasing the number of quality leads generated through their digital marketing efforts. They were dissatisfied with the results they were getting from their previous agency and were looking for a more cost-effective and result-oriented approach.

The Results We Delivered

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Increase in Clicks:
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The Strategy

Offshore Marketers started by conducting an in-depth analysis of Global Tech Solutions’ existing digital marketing strategy. They identified areas of improvement and implemented a new account architecture. The agency also conducted comprehensive keyword research to target the right audience and created compelling ad copies to attract potential clients. They ensured that conversion tracking was properly in place to accurately measure the effectiveness of their strategies.

The Results

Over the course of 6 months, Offshore Marketers was able to significantly improve the online visibility of Global Tech Solutions, reduce their marketing spend, and increase the number of quality leads generated. The results included:
  • A 78.90% increase in click-through-rate
  • An 85.60% reduction in cost-per-lead
  • A 110.50% increase in clicks
  • A 25.80% decrease in cost-per-click
  • A 900.00% increase in leads (conversions)
  • A 400.00% conversion rate increase


The budget allocated for the 6-month tenure was $50,000. Offshore Marketers was able to achieve these impressive results within the given budget, proving their cost-effectiveness and efficiency.


Offshore Marketers’ strategic approach and dedicated efforts have significantly improved the online presence of Global Tech Solutions. The increase in click-through rates, reduction in cost-per-lead, and increase in conversions have all contributed to the company’s growth and success in the market. The results of this partnership demonstrate the effectiveness of Offshore Marketers’ digital marketing strategies and their commitment to delivering value to their clients.