A Digital Success Story

Client Overview

Harmless.nz, an established supplier of first aid and safety supplies, faced a challenge of stagnated growth in the competitive online marketplace. With an ambitious goal to expand its digital footprint, they sought to increase their online visibility, revenue, and social media presence.

The Results We Delivered

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Ad Spend

The Challenge

The primary challenges were to grow the SEO by 125%, increase revenue through SEO by 9 times, maximize the ROI from a 3-million ad spend to achieve 11 million in revenue, and boost the social media following from 450 to 50,000 in just over a year.

Our Approach

Offshore Marketers crafted a tailored digital marketing strategy to meet Harmless.nz’s objectives.
SEO Optimization for 125% Growth: We initiated a comprehensive SEO strategy that encompassed keyword targeting, technical improvements to the site, and quality backlink building through strategic partnerships.
9x Increase in Revenue through SEO: Conversion optimization was conducted through A/B testing of landing pages. Engaging content marketing strategies were employed, coupled with localized SEO to target specific communities and regions.
Effective Ad Strategy for 11 Million Revenue: Paid advertising was extensively utilized, including platforms like Google Ads. Retargeting campaigns were implemented to boost conversion, with real-time performance tracking to make necessary adjustments and maximize ROI.
SMM Growth to 50k Followers: A robust social media strategy was executed, focusing on regular engagement through informative posts, influencer partnerships, and targeted social media advertising to boost follower growth.


The success of our approach was clear:
  • SEO Growth of 125%
  • Revenue through SEO saw a 9x Increase
  • Ad Spend of 3 Million achieved Revenue of 11 Million
  • Social media following skyrocketed from 450 followers to 50k in 2.5 years


The success story of Harmless.nz underlines the effectiveness of a well-executed and multifaceted digital marketing strategy. In just over a year, significant growth was achieved across key areas, setting a remarkable example for the industry.