Faith Christian School

Project Overview

Conclusion: The success of Faith Christian School’s digital marketing strategy is a testament to Offshore Marketers’ tailored, thoughtful approach. By understanding the unique needs and values of the institution, they were able to develop and implement a plan that not only achieved but exceeded all goals set for the six-month tenure.

The Results We Delivered

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When Faith Christian School approached Offshore Marketers, they faced significant challenges in online visibility and engagement. Their social media following was minimal, and their SEO strategy was not generating the desired results.


Offshore Marketers developed a comprehensive six-month plan that began with a thorough analysis of the school’s existing online presence and a clear understanding of its mission and values.

SEO Optimization:

The first step was to revitalize Faith Christian School’s SEO strategy. By conducting meticulous keyword research and implementing on-page SEO, organic traffic to the school’s website began to grow. Offshore Marketers reached out to relevant educational and Christian blogs and websites to acquire high-quality backlinks. A regular schedule of blog posts, guides, and informative content, all tailored to the school’s target audience, further enhanced their SEO.

Ad Campaigns:

With a budget of $60k, targeted Google Ads were employed to reach relevant demographics. By leveraging keyword research and strategic placement, these ads were able to drive more traffic to the website. Social media advertising was also utilized, creating ads for platforms like Facebook and Instagram to build awareness and engagement.

Social Media Growth:

In terms of social media, the school’s following needed a substantial boost. Offshore Marketers began by consistently posting engaging content that resonated with Christian education. This was combined with regular interactions with followers, building a sense of community and trust. Collaborations with local Christian influencers played a vital role in rapid follower growth.

Analytics and Continuous Improvement:

Regular monitoring of metrics and analytics allowed Offshore Marketers to track performance and make necessary adjustments. A/B testing was conducted on various strategies to determine what resonated best with the target audience, ensuring continuous refinement of tactics.


The results were remarkable. In just six months, SEO growth reached 110%, revenue through SEO increased by 2x, ad spend was effectively utilized, and social media followers grew from 50 to 10,000.