FusionTech Innovations

A PPC Success Story

Project Overview

FusionTech Innovations is a leading technology service provider specializing in software development and IT solutions. The company decided to outsource its Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing to Offshore Marketers, a renowned digital marketing agency, with a tenure of 1 year. The primary goal was to enhance online visibility, increase lead generation, and boost sales.

The Results We Delivered

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Click-Through Rate (CTR)
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Leads Generated
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Sales Growth

The Challenge:

FusionTech Innovations was facing stiff competition in the market, and their online presence was dwindling. They needed a robust PPC strategy that could drive quality traffic to their website and convert leads into customers.

The Strategy

Offshore Marketers took over FusionTech Innovations’ PPC campaign and implemented the following strategies:
  1. Keyword Research and Optimization: By analyzing the industry and competitors, they identified high-performing keywords that would attract the target audience.
  2. Ad Creation and A/B Testing: They created compelling ad copies and conducted A/B tests to determine the most effective ads.
  3. Landing Page Optimization: They designed and optimized landing pages to ensure a seamless user experience and higher conversion rates.
  4. Budget Management: They established monthly ad budgets and monitored the spending to ensure cost-efficiency.
  5. Performance Monitoring and Analysis: Regular monitoring and analysis were conducted to make necessary adjustments and keep the campaign on track.

The Results

In just one year, FusionTech Innovations achieved remarkable results:
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): Increased by 25.45%
  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC): Decreased to $1.20 YTD
  • Leads Generated: Increased by 60.75%
  • Sales Growth: Increased by 40.32%
  • Ad Sales: Generated $150,000 in ad sales
  • New Customers: 70% of the sales came from new customers
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 300%

Key Metrics

  • Total Units Sold: Increased by 50% MoM
  • Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS): Decreased by 30% MTD
  • Pageviews: Increased by 75,000 MTD
  • Monthly Traffic: Increased by 5,000


Conclusion FusionTech Innovations’ partnership with Offshore Marketers proved to be a game-changer. The strategic approach to PPC marketing, coupled with continuous monitoring and optimization, led to significant growth in leads, sales, and overall brand visibility. The success story of FusionTech Innovations stands as a testament to the power of effective PPC management and the potential of offshore marketing collaboration.