Urban GreenScapes

Project Overview

Urban GreenScapes is a top-tier urban landscaping company that offers professional, full-service landscape services, including landscape design, green roof installation, and urban garden maintenance. The company is recognized for its innovative green solutions that enhance urban spaces and contribute to sustainable urban development in New York City. The company engaged Offshore Marketers to manage its PPC campaigns. The objective was to enhance its online visibility, generate qualified leads, and drive profitable business interactions through targeted PPC advertising. Within only four months of taking over the client’s PPC management, Offshore Marketers generated a 120 percent increase in website traffic and a 90 percent increase in lead generation compared to the previous period.

The Results We Delivered

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The Highlights

Offshore Marketers’ PPC campaign focused on increasing the company’s online visibility and lead generation rates. We developed and implemented a comprehensive PPC strategy that targeted the company’s core audience and communicated its unique value propositions (UVPs).
Since taking over the client’s PPC management in April 2023, we’ve delivered significant growth in website traffic and lead generation:
  • Urban GreenScapes’ Website Traffic Growth (April – August 2023)
  • Urban GreenScapes’ Lead Generation Growth (April – August 2023) Through our PPC management efforts, we reached approximately 20K people and generated 1,200 leads. The client’s website traffic also significantly improved from April to August 2023, generating a 120 percent increase in total website visits and a 90 percent increase in lead generation.
  • Executing the Strategy

    To meet the client’s needs and expectations, Offshore Marketers’ PPC experts needed to quickly familiarize themselves with the industry jargon. This was necessary to develop PPC ads that reflect its professional branding and resonate with its target audience. It was also vital to maintain brand consistency in terms of tone, voice, design, and vocabulary when implementing PPC strategies.
    To position Urban GreenScapes as a leader in the urban landscaping industry, Offshore Marketers’ PPC campaigns involved managing the client’s Google Ads and Bing Ads accounts.
    Initially, we focused on identifying the client’s target audience and understanding their online behavior to have a clear direction for our PPC campaigns. Our PPC experts performed market research and PPC audits to determine what the users were searching for and what ad copies they were most likely to click on.
    Offshore Marketers’ PPC campaign involved:
    • Keyword Research: We conducted extensive keyword research to identify high-volume, low-competition keywords that the target audience was likely to use when searching for urban landscaping services.
    • Ad Copy Creation: We created compelling ad copies that highlighted the client’s unique selling points (USPs) and showcased its history, mission, and purpose.
    • Landing Page Optimization: We optimized the client’s landing pages to ensure a high-quality score and improve the conversion rate.
    • Bid Management: We managed the client’s bids to ensure maximum ROI for each keyword.
    • A/B Testing: We conducted A/B testing to identify the most effective ad copies and landing pages.
    • Reporting and Analysis: We provided monthly campaign reports highlighting the campaign performance, including total impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost per conversion.


    The budget for the PPC campaign was $10,000 per month. Despite the competitive nature of the industry, we were able to achieve significant results within this budget due to our strategic approach and continuous optimization efforts.
    In conclusion, Offshore Marketers’ PPC management services have significantly improved Urban GreenScapes’ online visibility and lead generation, contributing to the company’s growth and success.