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  • Amazon PPC advertising provides solutions that help you achieve your business goals
  • Amazon Advertising enables you to target your message to prospects who want your product.
  • PPC display ads are highly measured in terms of conversion rate
  • Amazon PPC ads allow start-ups and small businesses to save on their marketing spending. 

Boost up your Amazon Sales with budget-friendly, Dynamic PPC Advertising.

We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service while offering our employees the best training.

What’s included in Our Amazon Pay Per Click Management Services?

When you choose our Amazon PPC Services, you can promote your brands in any market you wish to reach. Our expertise in the industry and around the world can make you generate more leads and maximize the revenue of your online agency.

Creating the right brand strategy for your company is what you can expect from our Amazon PPC optimization services. Part of our branding strategy involves taking the core concepts and core competencies of your brand to convert them into strategic and tactical actions and behaviors. 

Our Amazon PPC Management cover:

  •  Finding your brand values, character, and personality
  •  Understanding the competitive landscape
  •  Optimization of your position in the marketplace
  • Monthly reports to measure the ROI
  • And then, developing your value proposition!

By following a systematic approach, our services will help you manage your Amazon PPC accounts effectively to ensure optimum success.

We optimize results in terms of higher quality leads flow to your website and higher ROI. In short, you will get the whole basket of Amazon PPC Services at an affordable cost!

  • Market increase in web traffic
  • Reduced cost per conversion
  • Better qualified prospects through increased lead quality
  • Revenue Check monthly reports
  • Faster growth of your company

Using our Amazon PPC management services will free you up to better your sales on Amazon and to look after other aspects of your agency.

Our Amazon PPC Campaign Management service includes analyzing every aspect of what happens when someone clicks on your website. It can effectively monitor customer and prospect activity, word usage and needs, pricing, ad effectiveness, and competitor activity to market your brand.

By performing the necessary tests, we can maximize your click-through and conversions and can simplify your Amazon PPC management so as to make ad campaigns efficient and boost sales.

Our Amazon PPC management services with easy tracking support make research, ad spends a bit more convenient. We will offer you data about various pages within your website, the number of visitors, and the use of call-to-action buttons which will help you to make better marketing decisions.

  • Highly effective for new markets
  • Easily and effectively promote on virtually any niche
  • Provides an important Profitability-Indicator
  • Identify high-converting keywords in Pay-Per-Click campaigns
  • Tracks broad, exact, and negative matches
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Why Choose Offshore Marketers?

Amazon PPC Advertising has the potential to deliver the targeted traffic, but it takes technical knowledge to do it in an adequate way. This is where Offshore experts can help you throughout the process.

Offshore Marketers can help you have a successful PPC ad campaign. As a leading and reliable PPC ad agency, we will not only help you in marketing your products and services and drawing customers to your company’s website but also help you in creating successful online branding.

One of the greatest strengths of our Amazon PPC experts is the ability to do competitive research to help you work strategically. With competitor’s analysis and understanding the dynamics of your online agency focus, offshore marketers know well how to structure your ad marketing campaigns to bring the maximum value for your advertising budget.

Selecting the right keyword is crucial to your business’s success. This is where our PPC experts can effectively carry out PPC campaigns by strategically planning your keywords and analyzing your visitors. After identifying the relevant keywords, we will try to bid for phrase, broad and exact match, which will help to increase sales of search impressions when choosing all three types of matching.


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Amazon PPC Consulting To Optimize Advertising Campaigns​

Our Amazon PPC consultants can help spot places where you are lacking the potential of PPC advertising campaigns and make suggestions to help you optimize your Amazon ads, PPC bid strategy for better results.  Working with Offshore marketers can help you maximize the returns on your ad spending by evaluating your current campaigns and developing new ones. In addition, we will help you tweak your landing pages so that you can close the sale after the ad delivers the lead.

Reach buyers across the globe with Offshore Marketers Amazon PPC agency for every level of digital marketing expertise. Our services make you reach your audience and serve your products directly to them.

Our digital marketing services will help bring in lots of traffic to your website by exposing your company and product. Our working mechanism behind PPC campaigns allows you to gain potential consumers and sales even with a small budget.

Higher Return on Investment (ROI) is what you will get from our bid management. You can control the entire process, including the expenditure, limit the budget and run time of the campaign.

As a Reliable Amazon PPC agency, we will assist our clients to effectively promote their products. With understanding every aspect of your company, we will benefit you more with different resources and tools so that you get the most ROI.

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Our Amazon PPC agency has a promising digital marketing program that brings the convenience of Adwords within the Amazon marketing area, offering businesses of all sizes an advantage to achieve their goals. In a sense, our services give a great level of flexibility to your ad spend campaign along with freedom of reaching a market based on specific keywords or demographic traits of the consumers. All you need to do is to decide whom to target when to target, when to stop and when to switch to another campaign. With sufficient research and efforts, we put into ad campaigns, we will help you get the desired results.

Once you have our team by your side, the PPC campaign will be set and optimized with ease, also the budget allocation and campaigns implementation will be made based on their profitability. With Amazon PPC, you can profitably reach an audience without wasting time and money.

Offshore marketers deliver value for our clients, across all platforms, to every device, delivering best-in-class PPC advertising solutions and monthly analysis of your work.

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    • 1. What are Amazon Ads?
      Amazon advertising is a pay-per-click service. The Amazon Advertising service allows you to showcase your products for increased visibility as your competitors do. When you search for a product on Amazon, the topmost search results will be sponsored posts - these are the advertisements. You will be able to see a “sponsored” or “ad” element subtly added on the top to make it recognizable. When a customer clicks on this ad, the advertiser has to pay the cost-per-click whether or not the item or product is bought. Amazon Advertising provides three pay-per-click services, Sponsored Products, Headline Search , and Product Display Ads. Advertisers may use any of these solutions to set up and manage their campaigns called PPC campaigns.
    • 2. Can I advertise my website on amazon?
      There is no direct method to advertise or promote your website on Amazon. Amazon has specific blockers that disallow diversion into other websites. If you try to create a diversion for your website, your account might get suspended. However, there are other ways to promote your website through Amazon - by setting up ads for your products on Amazon. This will aid in brand awareness and increase visibility for your website. By using Amazon Marketing Services you can create product advertisements that will draw consumers to your website as well. These product ads can lead to product pages for your other items which will intrigue a customer further to visit your website.
    • 3. How do amazon sponsored ads work?
      Sponsored ads are basically meant to mark queries that shoppers have regarding a product. These advertisements help you promote item listings, pairing them with items customers are already searching for. These ads appear on search result pages and related sales and lead customers to the detailed product page. There are three kinds of sponsored ads - sponsored product ads, sponsored brand ads, and sponsored display ads. Each of these caters to specific search queries. Sponsored product ads lead customers to specific product pages. Sponsored Brands ads include multiple products, along with your brand logo and a custom headline. Sponsored Display ads help interested customers find your products because of similar categories of products they have searched for.
    • 4. Does my business need amazon PPC services?
      If you want your company to boom, then you should opt for Amazon PPC services. It helps in the monetization and the growth of your business. It will help your organization find potential buyers and keep a check on your competitors as well. Even though using amazon PPC services might increase the competition for your business, it will also ultimately aid in the growth and visibility of your brand. When you partner with Offshore, be it eCommerce or any niche, our team makes sure to work actively share monthly reports, and offer ROI.
    • 5. How Do I Run an Amazon Ad Campaign?
      You have to begin by signing into your Seller Central account. You have to then go to your homepage and choose the drop-down menu and select the Campaign Manager option. When you are directed to the Campaign Manager page, you will be asked to set up your campaign duration and budget. On the next page, once these details are filled in, you will be guided through ad groups and you will have to name each group. The next stage would be to choose which product you want to advertise. Now you will need to decide how much you are willing to spend for each keyword, which must also be carefully selected and have a managed strategy. By setting your daily advertising cost, you’re determining how many clicks-per-day you get. On completing the keyword selection, click on save and finish and launch it.
    • 6. Where Can I Promote My Products on Amazon?
      You will have to create an Amazon sponsored products ad for your products. Through the amazon sponsored products sales or sponsored brands option, you can promote your products on the Amazon platform and check the performance. With the right word selection and the daily allocated budget, and accurate ad spend your business visibility and growth can boom.