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Boost sales with our
eCommerce PPC management

  • Ecommerce PPC is an innovative and competing strategy.
  • To create a customized solution that will match your desired business needs to produce intermediate results.
  • To help in boosting sales and transactions for your business.
  • To not only advertise the products but also help in the growth of your company.


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Get More Qualified Traffic with Pay Per Click

One of the top benefits of pay per click for eCommerce is that you don’t have to wait. Once ads go live, your targeted traffic will show up on search engines and in people’s browsers – ready and waiting!

We offer customized pay-per-click strategies that will help your company stand out on search engine results pages. We develop an individualized plan for you based on what’s best in terms of goals and industry and audience demographics so all potential customers can find their way to purchase from one click!

Depending on the Client business model, We Work on the given factors:

  • Income
  • Age
  • Parental status
  • Geography

B2B-specific criteria may include:

  • Job titles.
  • Company size.
  • Industry.

Think of phrases that fit the target audience you want to reach. That way, if a user searches a key phrase that’s relevant to your brand but the user isn’t actually a potential customer, the messaging can stop them from clicking.

As any PPC Guru knows, ad copy testing is key to successful Pay Per Click campaign performance

We think about ad copies that we can test to better narrow focus toward the right audience.

  • Determine what people fit a qualified conversion segment
  • Think about what message will best appeal to those people
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Why Choose Offshore Marketers Team for E-Commerce PPC Agency Services?

With eCommerce PPC management services, you have the freedom to set your own monthly ad spend and budget for specific ads. So, for example, if there’s a pay-per-click campaign going on, but I want more information about how much it’ll cost before launching my product into this world, all we need to do is adjust some numbers in the google facebook search console!

  • We can help you to expand your keyword set and lower the cost using flexible search ads.
  • We will optimize your ad spend by maintaining cost-effective bids.
We Use Measurable AD Strategy

Google Ads can help you measure the success of your pay-per-click PPC campaign by allowing conversion tracking. By linking it with Google Analytics, you’ll be able to see how many ad clicks lead not only in website purchases but also phone calls and more. When you partner with our Offshore Marketing team, we will create your account and set it up for Google Ads. We’ll also make sure that the data-driven from Analytics is seamlessly integrated into ads so users can see how their actions impact revenue without any hassle or delay.

We'll Generate More Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is crucial to capturing market share and can be beneficial even if it’s not your core focus. By focusing on brand development in the early stages of the digital marketing buying funnel, you may capture future customers who have yet to decide what they want from an eCommerce site or app. Enhance your search visibility position in front of your targeted audience with the help of eCommerce PPC management. With brand awareness campaigns, you often target keywords and phrases related to your business and competitors.

Work with the #1 Ecommerce PPC Agency

A Crucial Part of our PPC agency background is adapting the Latest updates and changes in paid advertising. This ability has made us a trusted digital marketing agency around the world for providing top-quality, effective SEO and SEM services. We believe in delivering quality work to our clients. Offshore Marketers Ecommerce PPC campaign ensures that the money you spend is put to the very best possible use. Our experts utilize the latest Pay per click techniques to help increase the percentage relevant users to your website.

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    • 1. What points should I consider while running an e-commerce PPC advertising campaign?
      In a nutshell, pay-per-click PPC is all about getting as many clicks for your dollar. A business will advertise by pay per click, which means that they only pay when someone exits their website and views an ad on Google or elsewhere.

      To create this type of campaign, you must first set up advertising funds through budgets & sources like cost/click;

      1. Keywords Research
      2. Catchy and straightforward ad content
      3. Optimize them with keywords for conversions
      4. Remember about adding negative words or phrases
    • 2. How do you create a successful PPC campaign for an eCommerce site?
      There are four steps to any successful PPC campaign: awareness, consideration, and purchase of products or services. Then there is loyalty which keeps customers coming back for more!

      1) To maximize the chances of success, you need to create awareness for your product.
      2) Turn those aware consumers into groups that you can target with specific messages for them to become focused.
      3) Push hard with all of those marketing tactics we talked about earlier
      4) Now is not the time to sleep on this. Keep calling these customers, emailing them with more offers they can't refuse.
    • 3. Why is PPC a must-have for e-commerce sites?
      You can't afford to ignore pay-per-click PPC Marketing. It is an essential tool for getting the sales and traffic on your website, which will help you rank better in search results! PPC is important because

      1) It's important to get sales, and PPC can be a great way of doing just that.
      2) You want to rank on the SERP page when running a PPC campaign, ensuring that you have increased traffic.
      3) If you want to guarantee quality traffic, ensure that your ad appears when specific keywords are found.
      4) Re-engaging your customers after they have engaged with ads is the key to success for any business.
      5) Find your perfect customer with these fantastic lead generation tools.
    • 4. What is e-commerce PPC management?
      PPC or pay per click is a way to get more customers by paying when someone clicks on your advertisement. For example, if you're renting ad space on YouTube and people find it interesting enough, they'll want what's in the video but not just any old thing; that would be annoying!
    • 5. What are PPC best practices for B2B e-Commerce?
      For many brands, measuring conversion attribution is a difficult task. It could be that your abandoning potential customers are converting later via other channels, and you aren't accounting/attributing their purchase as part of the process. Here are the best practice for b2b e-commerce-
      1. Combine content and commerce
      2. Focus on the overall buyer experience.
      3. Optimize your customer catalog
      4. Streamline the checkout process
      5. Create an accessible customer portal.
      6. Allow bulk ordering.
      7. Allow reordering and auto replenishing.
      8. Facilitate customized pricing