Digital Transformation
for 360Alumni

Project Overview

360Alumni is a leading community engagement platform dedicated to connecting educational institutions with their alumni. In just six months, Offshore Marketers dramatically transformed 360Alumni’s digital presence, resulting in a 150% SEO growth, 2x increase in revenue through SEO, and a robust follower growth from 250 to 10,000 on social media platforms.

The Results We Delivered

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360Alumni was seeking to enhance its online visibility and convert a higher percentage of online visitors into engaged users. The key challenges were:
  • Expanding the organic reach through SEO
  • Efficiently managing the ad spend to gain more revenue
  • Growing the social media presence to connect with a broader audience


1. SEO Strategy
Comprehensive Keyword Research
Identifying the right set of keywords related to alumni networking and implementing them across the website.
Quality Backlinks
Securing high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources to improve search engine rankings.
Technical SEO
Optimizing the website for speed, mobile-friendliness, and other key SEO factors.
2. Paid Advertising Campaign Audience Targeting
Defining and reaching the specific target audience through personalized ad campaigns.
Ad A/B Testing
Constantly refining ad copies and visuals to ensure maximum efficiency.
Optimization of Ad Spend
Monitoring and quickly adjusting campaigns to make the most of the $50k budget, resulting in $150k in revenue.
3. Social Media Growth
Engaging Content Strategy
Creating resonant and shareable content to engage the alumni community.
Community Engagement
Building a loyal follower base through active engagement and regular posting.
Influencer Collaborations
Partnering with industry influencers for increased visibility and credibility.


  • SEO Growth: 150%
  • Revenue through SEO: Increased by 2x
  • Total Ad Spend: $50k in 6 months
  • Revenue by Ads: $150k
  • SMM Growth: From 250 followers to 10k in 6 months


360Alumni’s digital transformation with Offshore Marketers is a success story that reflects the importance of a comprehensive and responsive strategy. The combination of SEO optimization, effective ad management, and strategic social media growth led to impressive results in just six months. The collaborative effort not only met but exceeded the initial objectives, setting a new standard for digital marketing in the alumni networking space.