FitGenics PPC Campaign

A Success Story with Offshore Marketers

Project Overview

FitGenics, a leading health and fitness company, partnered with Offshore Marketers to manage their PPC campaigns over an 8-month tenure. The goal was to increase the Click-Through Rate (CTR), boost the Conversion Rate, reduce the Cost Per Click (CPC), and enhance the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

The Results We Delivered

+ 0 %
Click-Through Rate
+ 0 %
Conversion Rate
0 %
Local Visibility Return on Ad Spend Increase:


Click-Through Rate
(From 2% to 5.2%)
Conversion Rate
(From 1% to 3.1%)
Cost Per Click
(From $2 to $1.45)
Return on Ad Spend
(From 200% to 415%)
Here’s a closer look at the process and results for each strategy:
Keyword Optimization
The Results:
Improved targeting and reduced irrelevant clicks, contributing to the overall increase in CTR.
Ad Copy Refinement
The Results:
Enhanced engagement with the target audience, leading to a higher conversion rate.
Landing Page Optimization
The Results:
Increased alignment with ad copies, resulting in a consistent user experience and improved conversion rate.
Bid Management
The Results:
Dynamic bidding strategy reduced the CPC and maximized ad exposure.
Audience Segmentation
The Results:
Tailored ads for different segments enhanced the CTR.
Regular Monitoring and Reporting
The Results:
Weekly insights allowed for continuous optimization and quick decision-making, contributing to all the achieved results.