Odin Marie's Social Media Marketing
Success with Offshore
Marketers ​

Project Overview

Odin Marie, a rapidly growing firm specializing in luxury fashion accessories, faced challenges in amplifying its brand presence across various social media channels. Recognizing the need for a robust and globalized strategy, the company outsourced its Social Media Marketing (SMM) to Offshore Marketers, a prominent digital marketing agency known for its innovative approaches. The partnership has lasted for 1.5 years and has resulted in remarkable growth.

The Results We Delivered

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  1. Brand Awareness: Increase brand awareness by 60% across key markets.
  2. Engagement Rate: Boost engagement rate by 40% on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  3. Conversion Rate: Improve conversion rates by 30% through targeted advertising and content strategy.
  4. Customer Retention: Enhance customer retention by 25% by creating a consistent and engaging online community.

Strategies and Achievements

1. Comprehensive Market Analysis
Achieved: Detailed insights into the target audience.
How: By conducting extensive market research to understand customer preferences and behaviors, Offshore Marketers was able to tailor content that resonated with Odin Marie’s audience.
2. Content Development and Optimization
  • Brand awareness increased by 70% (10% above target)
  • Engagement rate boosted by 50% (10% above target)
How: Implementing a content calendar that incorporated visually appealing images, storytelling, influencer partnerships, and real-time social listening allowed for constant content optimization and targeting. A/B testing was conducted to refine strategies continually.
3. Paid Advertising
Achieved: Conversion rates improved by 33% (3% above target).
How: Offshore Marketers developed and implemented a paid advertising campaign using Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Instagram Ads. They segmented audiences based on their purchasing behaviors and targeted them with personalized advertisements.
4. Community Engagement
Achieved: Customer retention enhancement by 28% (3% above target).
How: Creating an online community through consistent interaction, responding to comments, holding Q&A sessions, and organizing contests and giveaways. This community engagement fostered a sense of loyalty and belonging among customers.
5. Regular Monitoring and Analytics
Achieved: Insight-driven decisions leading to constant growth.
How: By employing sophisticated analytics tools, Offshore Marketers could continually track the performance of various campaigns. Monthly reports were shared with Odin Marie to make data-driven decisions and adjust strategies as needed.


The partnership between Odin Marie and Offshore Marketers over the 1.5-year tenure has proved to be a success story in the field of social media marketing. By understanding the brand’s unique requirements and employing an innovative and detailed-oriented approach, they were able to not only meet the set targets but also exceed them in several areas.
The continuous commitment to testing, learning, and adapting has led to significant growth for Odin Marie in the online space, and the strategies implemented continue to bear fruit, promising a future of further success and expansion.