Special Places of India

A Digital platform

Client Overview

Special Places of India is a digital platform that highlights the hidden and extraordinary places across India. They were looking to expand their digital presence and increase revenue through an integrated digital marketing strategy.

The Results We Delivered

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SEO Growth
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Revenue Growth
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Social Media Growth
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Revenue Through SEO

The Challenge

With a minimal social media following and stagnant growth in organic search, Special Places of India needed a strategy that could achieve:
  1. 150% growth in SEO
  2. 2x increase in revenue through SEO
  3. Effective ad strategy with 25k spending to generate 70k revenue
  4. Social Media growth from 250 followers to 50k in 2 years

The Solution

1. SEO Growth Strategy
  • Keyword Optimization: Carefully selected long-tail and localized keywords.
  • Quality Content: Crafted engaging and SEO-friendly content that resonated with the audience.
  • Link Building: Utilized high-quality backlinks to increase authority and rankings.
  • Technical SEO: Ensured mobile-friendly design and optimal site speed.
2. Revenue Enhancement through SEO
  • User Experience Enhancement: Revamped website design for improved user interaction and conversion rate.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborated with local businesses to leverage affiliate marketing.
  • Monitoring & Analytics: Utilized high-quality backlinks to increase authority and rankings.
3. Ad Strategy
  • Targeted Advertising:Created specific ad campaigns for different platforms, ensuring that they reached the right audience.
  • ROI Monitoring: Continuous performance analysis to make necessary adjustments.
  • Re-targeting: Focused on engaging potential customers who have shown previous interest.
4. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Growth
  • Consistent Branding & Engagement: Regular updates with quality content and engagement with the audience.
  • Influencer Collaboration: Leveraged influencer marketing to reach a wider audience.
  • Paid Campaigns: Utilized paid social media campaigns to boost reach and engagement.

The Results

  • SEO Growth: Achieved a 150% increase in organic search traffic, thereby increasing visibility and user engagement.
  • Revenue Growth: Successfully doubled the revenue through SEO strategies and optimized conversion paths.
  • Ad Spend & Revenue: Invested 25k over 2 years in targeted advertising and generated a revenue of 70k.
  • SMM Growth: Expanded social media following from 250 to 50k in 2 years, boosting brand awareness and engagement.

Conclusion: A Success Story

By understanding the unique challenges faced by Special Places of India, we devised a holistic marketing strategy that encompassed SEO, advertising, content marketing, and social media engagement. The execution of these strategies over the two-year tenure led to phenomenal growth across all key performance indicators.
This collaboration has not only set new benchmarks for Special Places of India but also added a valuable case to our portfolio. The success underscores our commitment to delivering results and creating meaningful connections between brands and their audience.