Tim Tanner's Social Media
Marketing Campaign ​

Project Overview

Tim Tanner’s is a growing brand committed to quality and excellence in its industry. With a vision to build a robust online presence, the company decided to invest in social media marketing and collaborated with Offshore Marketers.

The Results We Delivered

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Tim Tanner’s initial social media following was nominal, and the online revenue generated through ads was negligible. The challenge was to amplify the brand’s online presence and convert ad spend into substantial revenue within one year.


1. Comprehensive Social Media Strategy: (SEO)
A multi-faceted approach was created that included:
  • Content Planning: Crafted engaging and relevant content to draw the target audience.
  • Ad Campaigning: Employed targeted advertising to ensure the right audience engagement.
  • Influencer Collaborations: Partnered with influencers to widen reach.
2. Constant Monitoring and Adjustments:
Through constant performance monitoring, campaigns were regularly tweaked for optimal results.


Social Media Growth:
  • Followers: From a modest 250 to an impressive 90,000 in one year.
  • Engagement: Increase in likes, comments, and shares.
  • Ad Campaign Success:
  • Total Ad Spend: 700k in one year.
  • Revenue Generated: 6 Million.

Conclusion: A Case of Triumph

The collaboration with Offshore Marketers proved to be highly beneficial for Tim Tanner’s. Within just one year, the brand’s social media presence skyrocketed, and the ROI from the ad campaigns was astounding.
The case showcases the effectiveness of a well-executed social media strategy and serves as an inspiring success story for others looking to expand their online footprint.
The graph above demonstrates the exponential growth in followers and revenue for Tim Tanner’s within a year.