Trend Setters

Project Overview

Trend Setters is a fashion-forward retail company with a focus on both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce operations. To maintain its edge in the rapidly changing fashion industry, Trend Setters engaged the services of Offshore Marketers to handle their Social Media Optimization (SMO) with a tenure of 1 year.

The Results We Delivered

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Organic Traffic
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Rise in influencer-driven sales
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Social media engagement
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Conversion Rate


The primary objectives were to:
  1. Increase social media engagement by 30%.
  2. Boost e-commerce sales through social channels by 20%.
  3. Enhance brand presence and reach a younger demographic.
  4. Improve website traffic from social media by 40%.

Strategies and Implementation

1. Content Creation and Marketing
Offshore Marketers created customized and engaging content targeting the young demographic, including interactive videos, user-generated content, and influencer collaborations.
  • 35% increase in social media engagement. Custom content resulted in 2 million likes and 500,000 shares across platforms.
  • 15% rise in influencer-driven sales. Collaborations with fashion influencers resonated well with the target audience.

  • 2. Social Media Advertising
    Implemented highly targeted paid advertising campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, focusing on e-commerce-driven ads.
    22% increase in e-commerce sales through social channels. Targeted advertising led to $1.5 million in additional revenue.
3. Analytics and User Insight
Leveraging tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to understand user behavior, segmentation, and targeting.
  • 40% improvement in website traffic from social media. Analytics-driven insights led to a more personalized user experience, attracting 300,000 new unique visitors.
  • 4. Community Management
    A dedicated team engaged with the community by responding to comments, handling queries, and encouraging user-generated content.
  • Enhanced brand presence among younger demographics. The community felt more connected and engaged, contributing to a 50% increase in positive brand sentiment.
  • Conclusion

    The partnership between Trend Setters and Offshore Marketers proved to be highly successful, achieving and surpassing all targeted objectives within the tenure of 1 year. By leveraging a multifaceted approach that combined content creation, targeted advertising, insightful analytics, and community management, the team managed to translate online engagement into tangible business results.
    Key success factors included a detailed understanding of Trend Setters’ brand values and customer base, the expertise of Offshore Marketers in the social media domain, and the willingness to adapt and innovate.
    This collaborative approach set a new trend in Trend Setters’ online presence, aligning perfectly with their name and mission, and strengthening their position in the highly competitive fashion market.