Wealth Words

Gaming Website Case Study


Getting found online was a challenge for Wealth Words. They had a website, but it wasn’t reaching the desired audience. After working with Offshore Marketers for a year, the results were transformative.

The Results We Delivered

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SEO Growth
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SMM Growth
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Revenue Through SEO


WealthWords.com, a leading online gaming platform specializing in crossword puzzles, was looking to grow its brand visibility, user engagement, and revenue growth. The challenge was to leverage digital marketing channels to achieve these substantial growth targets over a span of 3 years.


SEO Growth (150% increase)
  • In-depth Analysis and Planning: Strategic identification and targeting of keywords related to crossword puzzles and games.
  • On-page and Technical SEO: Implementation of meta descriptions, quality backlinks, and site optimization.
  • Content Strategy: Regular updates and blogs tailored for puzzle enthusiasts.

  • Revenue through SEO (Increased by 5x)
  • Conversion-Focused Approach: Optimized landing pages, CTA optimization, and user behavior tracking.
Ad Campaigns (2 Million in 3 years with 6 Million in Revenue)
  • PPC Campaigns: Effective Google Ads targeting.
  • Re-targeting Strategy: Kept the brand on top of the minds of potential customers.
  • Performance Monitoring: Ensuring a healthy ROI.

    SMM Growth (From 100 followers to 500k in 3 years)
  • Engaging Content Strategy: Regular and interactive posts.
  • Influencer Partnerships: Collaboration with gaming influencers.
  • Community Building: Engaging and building a loyal following.


The implemented strategies resulted in a tremendous success, achieving:
  • SEO Growth: 150% increase in SEO.
  • Revenue Boost: 5x increase in revenue through SEO.
  • Ad Success: 2 Million in ad spend resulted in 6 Million in revenue.
  • Social Media Milestone: Growth from 100 followers to 500k.


WealthWords.com’s 3-year journey with Offshore Marketers is a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing. The harmonized efforts across different channels yielded remarkable results that not only met but exceeded the targets. It emphasizes the role of tailored, comprehensive, and well-monitored strategies in achieving significant business growth.