Wholesale Stone Solutions Digital
Marketing Success​

Project Overview

Getting found online was a challenge for Wholesale Stone Solutions. They had a website, but it wasn’t reaching the desired audience. After working with Offshore Marketers for a year, the results were transformative.

The Results We Delivered

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SEO Growth
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Wholesale Stone Solutions was seeking to augment its online presence, grow revenue, and expand its social media following. They faced challenges in SEO rankings, effective utilization of ad spend, and building a robust social media community.


SEO Optimization
Keyword Research and Content Strategy
Utilized cutting-edge tools to identify key industry terms. Created engaging content optimized for these terms. Regularly updated the blog with informative articles.
Advertising Campaigns
Ad Creation and Targeting
Tailored specific ads for different audience segments. Monitored performance and made adjustments for optimal results. Ensured a 2.5x return on ad spend.
Social Media Growth
Community Building and Influencer Partnerships
Implemented visually appealing posts and engaged with the audience. Collaborated with industry influencers to extend reach.


250% SEO Growth
A focused and consistent SEO strategy led to a 250% increase in organic traffic, contributing to a 6x boost in revenue through SEO.
2.5 Million Revenue from Ads
A $1 million ad budget was smartly utilized, leading to $2.5 million in revenue, indicating the success of the advertising strategy.
From 500 to 25k Social Media Followers
Social media followers surged from 500 to 25k within a year, thanks to engaging content and strategic partnerships.


Wholesale Stone Solutions’ success within a year underscores the power of a holistic digital marketing strategy. By engaging with Offshore Marketers and effectively leveraging SEO, paid advertising, and social media marketing, they have set an inspiring example for others in the industry.
A blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and consistent execution has resulted in exponential growth across different fronts of digital presence.